VIP33 - mandatory configuration & new functionality

StrataVAR Admin must configure the Tracks/Subtracks and Certificates
VIP 33 has been deployed by StrataVAR to all PqW/PcW organizations.
In order to utilize, StrataVAR Admin must configure the Tracks/Subtracks and Certificates (for incremental values) by selecting the "Configure" tab in the StrataVAR application.

Additional Notes & Functionality:
In addition, PqW has been enhanced as detailed below to better support typical workflows.
  1. Date-based calculation - Each Quote has an additional field called "VIP Effective Date". This field determines the VIP program that will be used to calculate the VIP payout. It is initialized with the Close Date of the Opportunity and can be modified manually to reflect the PO date. When changed, this field will automatically trigger a recalculation of the VIP numbers and based on the VIP Effective Date.
  2. Transition Period Support - PqW VIP calculation now supports the payout as defined (if defined) in the Transition section of VIP Excel. Note that the VIP Effective Date value dictates whether Transition values are used or not.
  3. Annuity Support - basic support for the "base" Annuity has been added o the relevant SKUs. The "bonus" columns are not supported (yet).
  4. Manual Recalculation (by User) - New buttons on the Quote and Opportunity can now manually trigger a recalculation of the VIP. This is required only if external data has changed (such as VIP payout values in the VIP program itself). Changes to the Quote will trigger an automatic recalculation. 
  5. Global VIP Recalculation (by Admin) - can be manually invoked from the Configure tab (first page). It allows the Admin to globally force VIP re-calculation based on certain filter criteria.