While importing a Disti BoM in any format (eg. Excel, CSV), please do make sure that the format is already supported. If not, you will get an error that says something like "Upload BoM Header".

This means that the parsing did not go all too well, and therefore the BoM header (the details about the BoM) could not be created in PQW.

(This might be also due to few other smaller reasons like connectivity issues, but they are very very rare).

In this case, the first order of Business is to send us the import excel (the one that failed) over in an email to help@stratavar.com 

We will respond with a confirmation within 24 business hours regarding the issue and its cause.

Common Errors:

  • Internal Server Error: This implies that the internal Excel Generation Engine is down for some reason. This will be updated at the soonest. If this issue is not resolved within five minutes, please raise a ticket with by mailing to help@stratavar.com