VIP 41 has been deployed by StrataVAR to all PqW organizations.
In order to utilize, PqW Admin must configure the Tracks/Subtracks and Certificates (for incremental values) by selecting the "Configure" tab in the StrataVAR application.

If you are not yet enrolled to the Cisco Vendor Incentive Program (Cisco VIP), you are missing out on high-value incentives. You must enroll through the Partner Program Enrollment (PPE) Portal. Talk to your Cisco Account Manager to expedite things.

Additional Notes & Functionality:
In addition, PqW has been enhanced as detailed below to better support typical workflows. 

  1. All the SKUs of existing tracks and subtracks have been updated. 

Please check out your eligibility from the VIP Incentive Rules document.

Elements that are not yet supported:

  1. Solutions Track: VIP 41 introduces the "Solutions Track", which seeks to provide predictable payouts on hardware and software in Cisco solutions like FSO, SASE, Hybrid Work from Office, or Hybrid Cloud.
    Cisco has not provided a "Base Payout" for these SKUs. Instead, they have provided a "SKU Incentive". We are trying to understand with our partners if those two are the same things.
  2. Minimum Bookings Requirement: We are yet to integrate PqW with Cisco's booking requirements as this data is expected to be share via email with each partner on a monthly basis. We are looking for options on how to receive and digest this data as we do not have any samples or APIs (or any other method to get this value from the emails of our partners). 
  3. Conditional Payout Percentages: VIP 41 introduces "conditional payouts" depended on their "Net Monthly Contract Volume" (Net MCV) for many SKUs. Partners with higher percentage of resells or upsells during the incentive period are awarded more incentives. 
  4. VIP Accelerators: VIP 36 introduced "accelerators" (not to be confused with "VIP Incrementals", which are already supported) that provide additional benefits on specific eligible SKUs. The concepts of accelerators is well defined, but their incentive application procedure is not clear. We have been working with our partners to understand how this works in real scenarios. 

If you want to help us out with the aforementioned 4 topics, please take a look at open questions in the document attached at the end, and let us know what you think. You can email us directly at with your thoughts and responses. 

Attachments: Document Outlining questions related to Cisco VIP 41 - List of VIP 41 Questions.docx