As on date 10 Feb 2023


Release DateFeature
31-Dec-2022Compatibility with HyperGrid - PQW is now compatible with HyperGrid, a new package by StrataVAR that can make life easier when working with salesforce grids and layouts. The package needs to be separately installed, and then PQW can be configured to use this grid. Some functionalities will be automatically released for all partners over the coming months
4-Nov-2022Integration with two Cisco Vendors - Ingram and Comstor via API to get BoMs directly from Vendors skipping excel
3-Nov-2022Enhanced Searching for Quote and Quote Items
22-Mar-2022Added Support for a Margin Matrix for configuration of different Default Margins on different items based on different conditions, including "duration" of subscriptions. 
15-Mar-2022Calculation engine infrastructure - Allow partners to define/control how the system calculates the values in a quote item when a field is changed/updated. 

Major Improvements

8-Feb-2023Improved history tracking/auditing for Sales order and Purchase orders
8-Feb-2023Multiple improvements to Edit Quote Grid
2-Feb-2023Enhanced internal logging solution to quickly resolve issues in the system. 
18-Jan-2023Migrated to newer API versiong retiring some older API versions (21 through 30) for components (Apex classes, lightning components, etc)
18-Jan-2023Add support for all Base64 text for box grouping
15-Jan-2023Prevent user from creating unsupported grouping elements instead of failing with error later 
22-Dec-2022Copying new BoM items now preserves the previous sequence of items 
6-Dec-2022Provide meaningful error message while importing Cisco BoM when Cisco Settings are not configured in the Settings tab.
1-Dec-2022Improved Edit Quote Grid Configuration - Now admin can configure the list of fields to be visible in edit quote grid
29-Dec-2022Fix issues with copying items from specific item type 
29-Nov-2022Multiple improvements to Batch Queue Manager to run and monitor batch tasks efficiently (staggered parallelisation)
29-Nov-2022Allow different logic/calculations depending on source of operation (like edit quote grid, copy bom items to quote, etc).
13-Nov-2022Admins can now configure bulk actions available to the standard users via configuration
2-Nov-2022Users can now flawlessly update the quantity of a partial set of items in a box in edit quote grid. This will nullify the quantity of the box, and "unrestrict" the user. 
25-Oct-2022UX improvement - Cloning a specific set of quotes while the specific background jobs were processing used to freeze the workflow. Now it will not allow the user to clone until the batch jobs are finished with meaningful message.
20-Oct-2022User Feedback Integration - Multiple UI vanishing notifications changed to persistent notifications to allow user to read and manually dismiss. The reverse was also done in some other cases. 
19-Oct-2022If there is nothing to save in edit quote grid, clicking on the save button in action bar will provide a toast saying "No changes to Save"
10-Oct-2022Update mapping to populate isUsage__c from Distributor Excel/XML quotes
29-Sep-2022Multiple improvements to provide more meaningful messages for some system validation errors
29-Sep-2022Add more significant history trackers for improved audit log in Batch Queue Manager (PQW background jobs controller)
28-Sep-2022Extend PQW Edit Quote Grid configuration to add support for "Summarize" tab
20-Sep-2022Reduce the time taken for Bulk Update Operation for a long Quote to a tenth of the previous time taken for the same operations
16-Sep-2022Remove misleading log entry in SV Logs even though the Batch Queue Manager is working correctly
12-Sep-2022Improve warnings and error messages when creating a new version of a quote
9-Sep-2022Improved Quote item details page for runtime customization from configuration
30-Aug-2022Add a Tab in package for admins to check status and progress of StrataVAR Batch Jobs. Tab is called "Batch Queue Manager"
13-Jul-2022Add support for multi-picklists to allow easy selection and filtering of rows in Edit Quote Grid
13-Jul-2022Prevent user from creating a summary quote from a quote that has no quote items
11-Jul-2022Parse dates in distributor import files depending on the locale defined in the salesforce user's profile
8-Jul-2022Remove rounding of data after currency conversion for multi-currency enabled PQW
22-Jun-2022Added a new field called "Long Description" to store long free text, and the Description field will hold the first 255 characters
17-Jun-2022Bulk edit quote grid will use the current discount mode instead of default one in configuration. This will provide the user with greater control over the process.
9-Jun-2022Complete re-architechting of the Quote Refresh Process from existing BoMs - The logic under the hood is now more intuitive and closer to what our partners expect
27-May-2022Configurable chunk sizes for edit quote grid that can allow the user to trade between browser memory and speed of execution. Users will larger RAMs can now play with this setting and get faster results by reducing network calls
26-May-2022Add support for data related to Service Level and Type to Quote Items
25-May-2022Improve the unique key used to detect duplicate items in Quotes to become consistent across BoM items and Quote items of different types
17-May-2022Multiple improvements to processes related to quote items for quote items with cloned counterparts
* improved copy bom to quote when rows with no bom item selected
* imroved recopy of rows having cloned quote item
 * improved deleting rows with cloned quote items
13-May-2022Set default discounts on BoMs during import for short BoMs. 
12-May-2022Improve error reporting for VIP failures
12-May-2022Make manual copying of CCWR BoM to Quote identical to automated copying of the BoM to quote in terms of box structures
11-May-2022Add support for XaaS_UOM__c and Pre_Pay_Term__c for disti BoM item import
10-May-2022Update security signature of the Rollup Service to allow a user to export an entity (for example, a quote) if they have access to the entity, even if they do not have access to the parent entity (in case of quote, the parent is the parent opportunity)
2-May-2022Add a "restore button" on Saved Quote layout
28-Apr-2022UI will now show a meaningful error if user clicks on 'Import BoM' button without entering BoM ID
26-Apr-2022If the user is creates a quote and does not change anything from VAR cluster of fields, i.e. the List Price, Extended List Price, Service Duration, Quantity, VAR Discount, VAR cost etc, then the values should not change or get re-calculated, irrespective of the absurdity of the data from the source. 
20-Apr-2022Improvements to CCWR quote refresh process when there are multiple CCWRs BoMs in one CCWR quote
20-Apr-2022Improvements to CCWR quote refresh process when the CCWR quote has been edited to add/remove items 
14-Apr-2022Fixed - Added additional logic in background task controller (BQM) to identify and track Salesforce bugs related to running of Apex Jobs
8-Apr-2022Standard User cannot lock/unlock a master item record. If a record is already locked, standard user cannot update it anymore. 
7-Apr-2022Added ability to view all Sales Orders in the Sales Orders Tab
30-Mar-2022Added support for Credit module for CCWR quotes - Now the custom credit module from StrataVAR can be used with CCWR quotes
9-Mar-2022Improved the alignment and positioning of Subtotal Lines on Copy BoM Items page based on user feedback
8-Mar-2022Automatically hide the "Summary Quote" tab and disallow creation of summary quote in case that Quote doesn't have any quote Items
1-Mar-2022Add support for VIP recalculation for CCWR Maintenance Quotes
28-Feb-2022Add Supplier and Manufacturer information in Master item Management Grid under the Bulk Actions Section based on user feedback
3-Feb-2022Quotes created from Cisco Estimate and Disti [ Non renewal ] BoMs will not allow copying of Boms with incompatible category type anymore
3-Feb-2022Creation of quotes from incompatible Categories will be blocked at the "Copy BoMs To Quote" stage.
11-Jan-2022Do not allow user to mix renewal and Standard (SAAS or Maintenance) BoMs in the quote
4-Jan-2022Add ability to check validate empty values in custom rollup logic

Major Bug Fixes

DateBug Fixed
8-Feb-2023Fixed - Customer discount application from configuration for SAAS Renewal Items was re-using Customer discount for SAAS items. It affected only the partners who use SaaS renewal BOMs.  
8-Feb-2023Fixed - Importing a Distributor BoM with same name as a CCWR renewal quote raised a fatal error
8-Feb-2023Fixed - Edit Quote grid freezing when working with specific bulk operations
2-Feb-2023Fixed - When user changes item type to saas for new quote item, initial term is now required to be set.
2-Feb-2023Fixed - Item sorting after quick grouping from editquote behaving incorrectly under specific conditions
2-Feb-2023Fixed - Distorted Buttons (not visible completely) in search popup box in Bulk Edit Grid
31-Jan-2023Fixed - Bulk changing quantity of overage items was resetting the quantity to 0 on such items without any warning
11-Jan-2023Fixed - Unable to add items from Master Item Catalog to estimates larger than Long Estimate Threshold (a configuration)
28-Dec-2022Fixed - "Continue to BoM" button was missing when a short BoM is imported after a long Distributor BoM
28-Dec-2022Fixed - Packages were missing from the "Related" tab of a Summary Quote
28-Dec-2022Fixed - Quote number was getting replaced with quote id in summary quote
26-Dec-2022Fixed - Bugs introduced in Quote Refresh process that was released on 
8-Dec-2022Fixed - When Credit Mode was enabled, Copying BoM items to Quote was failing when a Quote Item created from Master Items already existed in the Quote
6-Dec-2022Fixed - Set Grouping Screen was stuck at loading when there was an apostrophe in the Group Sort Box field
20-Nov-2022Fixed - Edit Quote grid not loading at all in some configurations
18-Nov-2022Fixed - Calculation of the var margin % and var markup % based on the unit var cost and unit customer price was showing 999.99% in special cases
13-Nov-2022Fixed - Bulk Update with "increment by x" operator caused incorrect calculation for items in a box. 

Fixed - Box count in edit quote grid fails with SaaS items when values are updated.
2-Nov-2022Fixed - Unable to change item type in edit quote grid under specific circumstances
30-Oct-2022Fixed - When Begin Date and End Date is defined on Quote Header, copying or re-copying a BoM to Quote doesn't recalculate the Total List Price for Service Items 
21-Oct-2022Fixed - Incorrect item count in edit quote copy bom items to quote screen for Quotes with 2000+ items
18-Oct-2022Fixed - Some items with 0 List price and non-zero VAR cost were not getting displayed in the Bulk Edit quote Grid
28-Sep-2022Fixed - Copying Long BoMs to Quote was freezing for 5000+ items
19-Oct-2022Fixed - Some Quote Items were not being rolled up correctly to the parent quote when specific types of quotes with 6000+ items were updated in bulk
15-Sep-2022Fixed - Logical bugs (introduced on 12th July 2022) that did not allow creation of auto summary quote 
15-Sep-2022Fixed - Service Duration on Quote Items will now be calculated based on the start date and end date of the quote when refreshed from the BoM. Earlier, it was copying the data from BoM Item, which was inconsistent with what happened during initial copying from BoM to Quote.
5-Sep-2022Fixed - For partners who use PSW integrated with PQW - Excel file was not attached to the Quote when Quote was exported by a standard user because of a validation (introduced on 2022-April-20)
5-Sep-2022Fixed - Related Deal ID for some distributor quote excel files was not getting populated to the BoM
2-Sep-2022Fixed - Prevent "UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW" error when updating quote items in large quotes when other processes try to update the same quote 
1-Sep-2022Fixed - Frozen VIP Payout calculation due to other batch jobs trying to process the same record. PQW now acquires a lock on the parent Quote first. 
3-Aug-2022Fixed - Failing to Copy BoM Items to Quote under specific conditions
1-Aug-2022Fixed - Incorrect End Customer Discount Percentage calculated for Quote items that are SAAS but user marked them as Hardware. Now there is additional logic in item type change process which prevents this.
14-Jul-2022Fixed - Total List Price calculated incorrectly on Maintenance Quote Import
6-Jul-2022Fixed - Unable to set Margins globally via the Configure TAB arising out of SF changing the database location for VIP calculations. The new location has been enabled, and a hourly monitor has been set up to track any such changes proactively. 
29-Jun-2022Fixed - Maintain the configuration of split boxes when items are re-copied into the quote
27-Jun-2022Fixed - Quote_Expiry_Date__c was not getting populated for some specific types of quotes
27-Jun-2022Fixed - Refreshing a Sales Order with 10,000+ serial numbers in a bulk along with other sales orders was raising a DML Exception because of salesforce limits. This has been fixed by refactoring the code to do this in a Queueable 
23-Jun-2022Fixed - Refreshing a Quote will now update Customer cluster of fields if there is any changes in VAR cluster of fields
20-Jun-2022Fixed - Incorrect Margin calculation for some CCWR quote items when the aggregation is set to "custom" during import
14-Jun-2022Disabled calculations in the browser if Calculation Engine service is used
10-Jun-2022Fixed - Copying BoMs to Quote froze in case of specific date formats
20-May-2022Fixed - Extended List Price of Quote Item is not matching with Extended List price on BoM Item when the value from the source (Cisco, Distributor, Excel, XML, etc) is invalid. This was improved by "blocking" all changes to the list price until the user makes any manual change in the Quote Items
19-May-2022Fixed - Add support for String values in Service Duration Ratio
18-May-2022Fixed - After quote refresh, the user was redirected to the record page even if there was an error or warning message related to the transaction. This has been fixed, and now the user will be redirected only if there is no message to be displayed. 
9-May-2022Fixed - Setting Customer Unit Price to 0 was changing VAR cost to 0 in specific cases
9-May-2022Fixed - Some quotes with zero quote items were stuck in the "rollup calculation" state, preventing the user from exporting them. This has been resolved. 
2-May-2022Fixed - Shared Services were missing the service duration in edit quote grid hover action. Now hovering on the item type will show the service duration of the shared service item just like service items. 
1-May-2022Fixed - The Total Customer Extended Price was getting changed in the Standard Quote after BoM Refresh. This has been fixed by updating the core calculation logic. 
28-Apr-2022Fixed - Incorrect RecordType set on some quote items when creating Quote Items from BoM items
28-Apr-2022Fixed - Refreshing the Aggregated Quote via Refresh Quote Button was only refreshing the Normal Quote. Now both the normal and the aggregated quotes will be refreshed.
27-Apr-2022Fixed - Bug in sales order bulk refresh error logs, causing the import to fail in case of invalid data from Cisco. This error was introduced on May 24th, 2018, and remained undetected as this is an extremely rare case.
27-Apr-2022Fixed - BoM Item Description was not getting reset to its previous value upon BoM refresh for Distributor Excel and XML quotes
26-Apr-2022Fixed - Infalid Item Type from source in Quote item was causing the exit quote grid to crash. It has been fixed to withstand such cases, and an additional validation has been added to prevent such cases. 
21-Apr-2022Fixed - The customer discount breakup by Item type is incorrect in Bulk edit quote grid
19-Apr-2022Fixed - When a CCWR Quote is imported, the VAR Cost on the quote items do not consider     the service duration
19-Apr-2022Fixed - Customer Discount calculation was incorrect in case of XAAS items. They will now be treated as a "superset" of SAAS items. 
15-Apr-2022Fixed - If the Initial Term from the source is "null" or "blank", the Copy BoMs To Quote operation was freezing. This was because of StrataVAR's incorrect assumption that the term should be "0". It has been fixed, and the system will assume that the term is "1". 
14-Apr-2022Fixed - In salesforce PQW OEM version, when creating a Quote from a Project, after Quote creation, users were not redirected to newly created Quote Page
12-Apr-2022Fixed - User is not allowed to add End Date, Start Date or Service Duration when manually creating a Quote Item with Service Item Types (Service, Shared Service, Professional Service, etc)
12-Apr-2022Fixed - Inconsistency between manual and automated workflow - When Maintenance BoM is manually copied to Quote, multiple configs were created but for automatic creation of quotes only one config was created with all the items
7-Apr-2022Fixed - Begin Date and End Date was not copied from BoM item to Quote item during refresh for specific item types if the quote already has any of the two defined. 
6-Apr-2022Fixed - Incorrect message saying "refreshing BoM" when refreshing a Sales Order. 
1-Apr-2022Fixed - Error when cloning objects due to a bug where a test was eating up salesforce limits. 
31-Mar-2022Fixed - Empty/Null values in number fields were impacting the calculation of custom rollups from the BoM Item to BoM. This has been resolved by using meaningful defaults for each of the number fields. 
31-Mar-2022Fixed - User was prompted to provide Initial Term when manually creating a quote item, but the field was disabled in the quote item creation page, and therefore, the user was not able to create manual quote items at all. 
30-Mar-2022Fixed - Grouping from Cisco was being overriden in the Quote if 2 levels of grouping are added to the Quote, and AFTER that, items from a different new BoM was added to it.
25-Mar-2022Fixed - Quote Category was not set when creating a summary quote
23-Mar-2022Fixed - Quantity of a box was missing when a group is created using set grouping functionality
11-Mar-2022Fixed - Pricing Sumary of Edit Quote Summary Tab was incorrect in some configurations
10-Mar-2022Fixed - After a box was split, the quote item numbers of the split box items were not shown. The page had to be refreshed for the quote item numbers to be shown
27-Jan-2022Fixed - Opening the HTML Note option for the second time does not open the box if no change was made last time